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Honors Vocabulary

vocabulary words

abate lessen, reduce, or remove diminish intensify
aberration deviation from what is normal anomaly the usual; the norm
abhor regard with disgust or hatred loathe love
abstruse difficult to understand perplexing clear
accost confront boldly challenge ignore
acrimony bitter animosity belligerence goodwill
banal lacking in originality; common mundane original
barrage an overwhelming quantity or explosion bombardment withdrawal
belie give a false impression distort disclose
cacophony harsh discordant mixture of sound racket serenity
cajole to persuade with flattery coax nag
callous feeling no emotion desensitized compassionate
divisive creating conflict disruptive unifying
hubris excessive pride or self-confidence arrogance humility
inane senseless; stupid absurd logical
gregarious fond of company sociable introverted
loquacious tending to talk much; talkative chatty quiet
disparage to speak down to; belittle ridicule admire
innocuous not harmful or offensive benign poisonous
morose having a sullen or gloomy disposition bleak cheerful
penchant a strong and continued inclination affection aversion
Created by: adellinger
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