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Okay alexis here u g

List 6&7

Affable adj. Easy to talk to; easy to approach, friendly; kind; amiable
Amiable adj. Friendly, kind
Amicable adj. Showing goodwill; peaceable
Congenial adj. Compatible; having kindred needs or tastes; sympathetic
Convivial adj. Sociable, outgoing in a festive way, especially when pertaining to eating and drinking; find of good company
Cordial adj. Warm and friendly; amiable
Gregarious adj. Sociable, outgoing
Jocular adj. Liking to be with people, joke around with them and have fun
Levity n. Lightheartedness; gaiety; carefree disposition, particularly when not appropriate
Animosity n. Hatred; ill will
Antagonism n. Hatred or hostility
Bellicose adj. Of a quarrelsome nature; eager to fight; warlike; belligerent
Belligerent adj. Taking part in war or fighting; ready to fight
Cantankerous adj. Bad-tempered or irritable; quarrelsome
Captious adj. Made for the sake of quarreling; quibbling
Contentious adj. Quarrelsome; belligerent
Disputatious adj. Likely to dispute or argue
Polemical adj. Inclined to argue or debate; controversial
Predator n. One who takes advantage of another, exploits or feeds on another; a strong adversary or rival
Pugnacious adj. Eager to fight; belligerent
Created by: Amber :)