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Vocab Units 1-3

All words for Vocab Units 1-3 + part of speech and synonyms

WordPart Of SpeechSynonyms
bigotry noun prejudice, bias
bop verb to move or go, to travel
dappled adjective spotted, freckled
enraptured adjective enchanted, charmed
epoch noun a period of time, an era
inconspicuous adjective unnoticeable, hidden
mitzvah noun a good deed, a kind act
ornately adverb fancy, elaborately decorated
snide adjective sarcastic, insulting
arbitrarily adverb randomly, by chance
calamity noun misfortune, catastrophe
cavernous adjective deep and large, roomy
chasm noun a gap or abyss, a crater
eradicate verb to remove or destroy, to get rid of
monotony noun boredom, sameness
penetrate verb to understand or arrive at the truth, to grasp
quintessence noun substance or soul, heart
spiffy adjective stylish, chic
vengeance noun revenge, payback
apprehension noun nervousness, anxiety
auspicious adjective lucky, fortunate
cascade verb to pour downward, to spill
gloat verb to brag, to boast
gnash verb to grind one's teeth, to grate
insubordinate adjective disobedient, naughty
malevolent adjective evil-minded, wicked
ponder verb to think about, to wonder
seclusion noun isolation, solitude
uncharitable adjective unkind, uncaring
amiable adjective friendly, gracious
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