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Listening Activity

Me Voy a la Compra

quedarse (no me queda/an) to be left (as in I don't have any left)
Venga come on
vale okay
bajo ahora I'm going down now
me da igual it doesn't matter to me
naranja orange
ciruela plum
blanda/o soft
vaya well or oh no
lechuga lettuce
bicho / mosca bug or small animal / mosquito
bastante plenty or enough
no me hayas dicho you haven't said anything
patatas potatoes
comprobar (comprueba) to check (affirmative informal command)
tirar to throw away/throw out
pues well
fíjate pay attention (affirmative command)
romper la bolsa like our saying "break the bank"
no hace falta there's no need
coger to choose
quizá maybe
estropearse to break down / get broken or hurt or bruised
cola line or tail (in this instance, a line)
pendiente hanging on / waiting for / obliged to
huevos eggs
sano healthy
podrida/o rotten
enfadarse to get angry
cajero/a cashier
ácido acidic
Created by: Khugger