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an electron is gained or lost from an atom, that atom becomesa.ion b.new element c.isotope d.unstabel an ion
_____ is not a basic characteristic of wave equation a.velocity b. wavelenght c. frequency d. energy energy
phone wavelength is inversely proportional a. photon of velocity b. photon of energy c. photon of frequency d. none of above to photon frequency
Which of the following atomic particles cannot be further subdivided a.protons b.neutrons c.electrons d.all the above electrons
The unit of mass is the a.m/sec b.kg c.mm d.cc kg
a joule is a unit of measurement for a.mass b.energy c.matter d.gravity energy
radio waves, light and x rays are all examples of ___ energy a. nuclear b.thermal c.electrical d.electromagnetic electromagnetic
matter is measured in a. kilograms b. joules c.electron volt kilograms
if a wavelength of a beam of elcetromagnetic radiation increase by a factor of 2, then its frequency must a. double b. half c.increase 4x d. decrease by 1/2 decrease by half
charactersitic interactions may occur only when the incident elcetron interacts witha. inner shell e~ b.outer shell e~ c.force field of the nucleaus inner shell e~
biological effects of ionizing radiation include all of the following accepta.cancer b. nonspecific c.bacterial infections d. developmetnal abnormalities bacterial infections
scattered photons from compton interactions are of no use in demonstrating radiographic structures of interest T/F True
a contaminant in teh silver halide crystal creates the a. sensitivity speck b. latent image c.manifest image d. image fog sensitivity fog
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