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Keywords Florida

Immovable (chandelier )
Business (personal propert= dental chair)
River (moving body of water)
Runs with land
NO fixed duration of ownership
Highest possible ownership
Possesses the property under conditions (no alcohol)
Ownership for persons life time
Limited period of time (lease)
Fixed period of time. Example( 6 months or July 3rd to sept 8th
Dead beat tenant
End any time
Month to month
Landlord pays taxes an insurance
Percentage of gross reciepts
Pays taxes insurance maintnance
Sole ownership
More than one owner
Husband an wife
Limitations example a lien
Work done an you don't pay
Zoning r3 multifamily building codes an rent control
Commercial to residentail
None conforming
Tress pass (roach) physically intrudes
Pending lawsuit
Court ordered to STOP
Title is not clear
Takes property for public use ( utilities, rail road, highways)
Suing gov for compensation
Die no will gov takes
Additional land
Tearing away land
Gradual session of water level permanent land uncovered
No will
Evidence of transfer( receipt)
Should have known
History of ownership (title insurance)
Neutral (middle man)
Goes with person
Taxes an insurance
Without intention
Mixture of money
1-4 residential kick backs
Voluntary vacates the property
Possession but not responsibility
Panic selling an panic peddling (selling)
Capable, mutual consent, consideration an legal
Promise for. Promise (listing agreement)
Promise for an act (option contract)
Completely preformed
Fee simple defeasible
Life estate
Specific lien
Executed contract
Time frame
New contract
Bilateral employment contract Employer is seller Broker finds buyer It's a type of exclusive agency
1 broker but owner can sell
No need to prove get paid no matter what
Illegal conflict of interest
Who ever brings buyer gets paid
Sell happens after time there's a protection period of time
Anything of value
Without knowledge
STUD S=scarcity T=transferability U=utility D= demand
Comparison approach
Cost to replace
Based on percentage of gross reciepts
Tenant pays taxes insurance and maintenance
Tenant pays fixed amount
Primary party is leader and a lessor
Height of building, set back, density, floor area ratio, buffers, buffer zones an variance.
Addresses incompatible, best use, livability an property value(local gov) no fed zoning laws
Closer together room for parks
Any use higher or lower
Combines complementary use residential an commercial
Only one type of land
Specific property (REZONE)
No longer permitted (grandfathered in)
Temporary halt on development
Safety clause
Work separately, isolated dense are an it's not pedestrian friendly
Work together, better planned area mix of use an pedestrian friendly
(Form based) unpaid volunteers, has final authority over subdivision plat approval- site plan approval- sign control
Reports to planning board (paid)
Population, Area economic base, existing land use, physiolography, recreation an community an thoroughfare
Continuing education
Is not exempt from pre licensing course 2 an post license
Regulate an enforce license laws
Putting clients first
Property an land
Duration of time
Set back, density, floor area ratio, buffer, buffer zone, down zoning an varience
Subdivision restricting number of houses per acre
Ratio of sq footage to land area. The floor area ratio can be used in zoning to limit the amount of construction in certain area.
Fence wall row of trees separating properties
Space of land between two use district. ex parks playground highway
Commercial to residential
Exception granted from zoning rule ex oddly shaped house
fulfilling a loan
Debt goes up not covering interest
Large payment due at the end
Loaned money
interest only
Insure lenders
36 sections
Clause in a mortgage is activated when paid in full
Runs north an south
East an west
5280 ft
9 sqft
27 cubic ft
1728 12x12x12
Read description backwards, townships measure 6 miles x 6 6x6=36 sq miles. 36 sections each section 1 square mile also each section has an area of 640 acres
1 sales comparison approach 2 cost-depreciation approach 3 income
Physics deterioration Functional obsolescence External obsolescence
Most accurate method to describe both regular an irregular shaped parcels. Begin an end with starting point called point of beginning
Real property
Free hold
Net lease
General lien
Created by: Jawraw2010
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