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intro to mass media6

mass media chap 6

kinetograph William Dicksons early montion picture camera
zoopraxiscope a machine for projecting slides onto a distant surface
persistence of vision the images of ours eyes are retained from the brain for about 1/24 second
daguerreotype a process of recording imageson polished metal plates, usually copper, covered with a thin layer of silver iodide emulsion
calotype early system of photagraphy using translucent paper from which multiple prints could be made (tabolts system)
kinetscope peep show devices for the exhibition of kinetogrphs
cinematrographe a device that both photographed and projected action
montage tying together two separate related shots in such a way that they take on a new, unified meaning
nickelodeons the first movie houses;admissions was one nickel
factory studios production companies
movie palaces elaborately decorated, opulent, architecturally stunning theaters
double feature two films on the same bill
b-movie the second, typically less expensive movie in a double feature
vertical integration a system in which studios produced their own films, distributed them through their own outlets , and exhibited them in their own theater
block booking the practice of requirement exhibitors to rent groups of movies, often inferior , to secure a better one
cloud computing storage of system operating software, including sophisticated and expensive digital and special effects programs, on off-site, third party servers hosted on the internet on demand, for-lease access
green light process the process of deciding to make a movie
platform roll out to open a movie in a few screens and hope that critical response, film festival success, and good word-of-mouth reviews from those who do see it will propel it to success
cooperate independent studios specialty or niche division of a major studio designed to produce more sophisticated but less expensive movies
blockbuster mentality film making categorized by reducing risk taking and more formulaic movies
concept films movies that can be described in one line
tentpole an expensive blockbuster around in which a studio plans its other releases
franchise films movies that are produced with intentions of producing more sequels
theatrical films those produced originally for theater exhibition, and television is the result of technological changes in the latter
microcinema movement in which film makers using digital video cameras and desktop digital editing programs are finding audiences, both in theaters and online for their low budget features
dynamic pricing selling seats at varying prices depending on availability and demand
branding films the sponsor-financing of movies to advance a manufactures product line
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