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English Vocabulary


grimace sad,disappointed
wince to cringe in pain
tenacious determined
exuberant thrilled
somber serious,sad
fallible makes mistakes
belligerent aggressive,angry
intricate detailed
luminous bright
surreal characterized imagery
bedraggled messy
nape back of neck
expound to explain
warily cautious
oxymoron two conflicting words
drone monotonous sound
agape mouth open in awe
nostalgia warm feeling about past
rail complain
conniving planning
indigenous native to an area
disheartened very sad
quiver to shiver
salvage to save
brusque brief
retribution punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance
shroud a length of cloth
barrage a concentrated artillery bombardment over a wide area
redundant repeated
empathy the ability to understand and share feelings
gaunt lean and haggard
cower crouch down in fear
pummel strike repeatedly with fists
sweltering unbearably hot
tranquil peaceful
manacle shackle for fastening someone's ankles or hands
redemption the action of saving or being saved from evil
invigorate give strength or energy to
militant combative supporting social causes, preferring more violent methods
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