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Spanish Adverbs & English Translations

aquí here
acá here
allí there
allá there
cerca near
lejos far
delante in front
detrás behind
encima on top
debajo underneath
dentro inside
fuera outside
adelante ahead
atrás behind
arriba up, above
abajo down, below
adentro inside
afuera outside
hoy today
ahora now
mañana tomorrow
ayer yesterday
anoche last night
anteayer the day before yesterday
anteanoche the night before last
previamente previously
recientemente recently
actualmente currently
brevemente briefly
permanentemente permanently
diariamente daily
frecuentemente frequently
todavía still
ya already
nunca never
siempre always
ocasionalmente occasionally
semanalmente weekly
muy very
demasiado too much
mucho a lot
poco a little
menos less
más more
tanto so much
bastante enough
algo somewhat
nada not at all
bien well
mal badly
mejor better
peor worse
rápido fast, quickly
despacio slowly
claramente clearly
inteligentemente intelligently
bonito beautifully
cuidadosamente carefully
alto loudly
quieto quietly
dulcemente sweetly
estupendamente stupendously
seriamente seriously
voluntariamente voluntarily
así like this, this way
fácilmente easily
a ciegas blindly
a veces sometimes
al final in the end
a tiempo on time
de día during the day
de noche at night
de verdad really, truly
por fin finally
sin cuidado carelessly
con cuidado carefully
a la perfección perfectly
a la vez at the same time
al principio in the beginning
de una vez por todas once and for all
a diario daily
a menudo often
de inmediato immediately
de nuevo once again
en serio really, seriously
en realidad really
a diestra y siniestra all over the place
a escondidas secretly
al anochecer at dusk, at sunset
al amanecer at dawn
a oscuras in the dark
a la moda fashionably
en casa at home
con frecuencia frequently
con alegría happily
con tristeza sadly
de buena gana willingly
de mala gana unwillingly
de pronto suddenly
de repente suddenly
por desgracia unfortunately
por suerte luckily
de memoria by heart
de prisa quickly
Created by: GabesMom
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