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2019-Sentences 1

Sentences in simple past

I ___________________ in your house yesterday, but you _______ ______. was/ were not
Did she _____________________ the most famous artist last year? become
When I _______ little, a bulldog ______ me. was/ bit
You __________ ________ up the candles, you will not get a birthday wish. blow
Ana Lía ________________ all those cookies for you!!! brought
Maria's little brother _________ the tallest lego tower I have ever seen!!! built
Pao ________________ that dress in Paris, isn't it beautiful? bought
________ you ___________ any fish when you went to the lake? Did/ catch
Mary _________ _________ the correct shoes. These are too big! didn't/ choose
All my students _______________ to class this week! came
_____ Ms. Adriana ________cut the papers for the project? Did/ cut
Yes! I ______ all my homework. I am such a great student!! (Ms. Seyni speaking) did
I think Giulia _______________ that Flamingo, what do you think? drew
Andrea went to a friend's party and she _____________ a lot of soda. Now, she has a stomachache. drank
I don't think that you__________________ that car, you are too young!!! drove
Created by: Seyniov
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