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unit 6 EN-EN

OnScreen intermediate

charger a device used for passing an electrical current through a battery to make it more powerful or last longer
communicate to be in contact with
control to have complete power over sb or sth
convert to change in order to use for a different purpose
display to put object in a place where they can be seen easily
download to copy or move programs or information into a computer's memory, especially from a website
plug in to connect a cord to the electricity supply
record to put sth on tape or film
scroll to move up and down on a screen
store files save data on a computer
surf online browse the Internet
upload to transfer data onto a computer
voice command verbal instruction
apply principles put theories to use
artificial intelligence a type of computer technology which is concerned with making machines work in an intelligent way
assist to aid/support
camera a device for taking photographs or recording moving pictures
crawl to move around on your hands and knees
demonstrate to prove/show
equipped having the objects needed for a purpose
experiment scientific test done to see what will happen to sth under particular conditions
external outside
flesh and blood a real person
generate to create/produce
humanoid having the shape and qualities of a human
interact with to communicate/ react to
investigate to examine an event or situation and try to find out what happened
learning abilities the skill one has to gain knowledge
metal and circuits chemical element and a closed wired system
microphone device used to make sounds louder or to record them
motor mechanism
patient care looking after the sick
patiently calmly
physically in a way that relates to the body
physically interact communicate with your body
physique the shape and size of sb's body
pick up to collect
react to behave in a certain way as a result of th
record sounds store sounds or voices
research team scientists searching for information
residential care homes a place where someone old/ill lives to be looked after
stimulus sth that causes sb or sth to move or react
surrounding everything around or in a place
toddler a young child
workload the amount of work sb has to do
workplace the place where people do their jobs
appear to become noticeable
be after want
be away be absent
be in for expect sth bad
be off leave
be on be shown on TV
be out of have no more
browser the software on a computer that enables you to search the Internet
chat online talk on the Internet
connect to join sth to sth else
copy to produce sth that looks like the original thing/to imitate
design to create the plan or drawing for sth
disconnect to cut off, stop the supply of sth
format any general arrangement of sth
install to put it somewhere and connect it
keep in touch with remain in contact sb
networking interaction with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career
plug into become connected
print to put sth in ink or dye using a machine
processing a series of actions carried out in a computer to deal with information
remove to take sth away
transfer to move from one place to another
acceptable to good enough/suitable
assignment a piece of usually written work, such as an essay, given to students at school or university
concern a feeling of worry about a situation
educational tool an object/ device that helps with learning
eventful full of interesting happenings
experience gained knowledge or skill
fake names not real names
hack to break into a computer system
identity theft use someone else's personal data
lecture a formal talk on a specific subject given to a group of people
plagiarism the act of taking sb's ideas and using them as if they were yours
pseudonym a name other than your own
research a serious study of sth
search word the word used to target items on the Internet
section a separate part of a book, newspaper, magazine etc.
software computer program
survey a study, research
update to make more modern by adding new parts or giving new information
usage the way in which sth is used
apply to make use of sth
broaden to make sth wider
demonstrate to show how sth is done
develop to cause sth to become more advanced
display to put on show
employ to have sb do a job
exercise to use
exhibit to show to the public
expand to make sth bigger
practise to do sth
prove to show that sth is true
unfold to develop
Created by: martawcisel
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