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Phile Philanthropist Noun Love A person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.
Ine Crystalline Adjective Nature Of Having the structure and form of a crystal; composed of crystals.
-Ar Linear Adjective Relating To Arranged in or extending along a straight or nearly straight line.
Hexa Hexagram Noun Six A star-shaped figure formed by two intersecting equilateral triangles.
Fract Fractious Adjective Break (Typically of children) irritable and quarrelsome.
Platy Plateau Noun Flat An area of relatively level high ground.
Theo Monotheism Noun God The doctrine or belief that there is only one God.
Fin Infinite Adjective End Limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.
Hedron Tetrahedron Noun Sided Object A solid having four plane triangular faces; a triangular pyramid.
Ambul Somnambulist Noun Walk The act of getting up and walking around while asleep.
Ous Garrulous Adjective Full Of Excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters.
Topo Topographical Adjective Place Relating to the arrangement or accurate representation of the physical features of an area.
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