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October WAD

A striking or notable deed or heroic act. Exploit
Producing powerful feelings. Vivid
Never ending. Continuous
A bad person in a comic, show, or book. Villain
A widely spread false idea or belief. Myth
A short, confused fight. Scuffle
Expressing goodwill or kind feelings. Benevolent
Affecting or moving the feelings. Pathetic
An accepted or professed rule of action or conduct: a person of good moral principles Principle
A person who has left there own country to join a new one. Emigrate
Writing in which expression and form. Literature
Extreme suffering. Agony
Full of mental distress. Anxious
Awkward in action. Clumsy
Of or relating to the sun Solar
Pleasantly calm or peaceful. Placid
An unpleasantly difficult, perplexing, or dangerous situation. Predicament
A child who has lost both of their parents. Orphan