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Vocabulary Unit 2

Vocabulary from "Among the Hidden" Read Aloud and Novel Study

defiance (noun) against or despite the wishes, rules, or laws of (someone or something)
beckon (verb) to attract (someone or something)
careen (verb) to go forward quickly without control, especially of a vehicle, to sway while moving fast, or to move fast and unsteadily
resolute (adjective) very determined; having or showing a lot of determination
reciprocity (noun)a situation or relationship in which two people or groups agree to do something similar for each other, to allow each other to have the same rights, etc.
stupefy (verb) to shock or surprise (someone) very much; to cause someone to become confused or unable to think clearly
halfhearted (adjective) feeling or showing a lack of interest of enthusiasm
zeal (noun) a strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm that makes someone very eager or determined to do something
recover (verb) to return to a normal state after a period of difficulty
resigned (adjective) feeling or showing acceptance that something unpleasant will happen or will not change
unseasonable (adjective) not normal for a certain time of year
theoretical (adjective) relating to what is possible or imagined rather than to what is known to be true or real
telepathy (noun) a way of communicating thoughts directly from one person's mind to another person's mind without using words or signals
pristine (adjective) in perfect condition; completely clean, fresh, neat, etc.
taboo (noun) something that is not acceptable to talk about or do
propaganda (noun) ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and are spread in order to a cause, political leader, government, etc.
flippant (adjective) lacking proper respect or seriousness
unfurl (verb) to cause (something that is folded or rolled up) to open
annihilate (noun) to destroy (something or someone) completely
astronomical (adjective) extremely large
daunting (adjective) tending to make people afraid or less confident; very difficult to do or deal with
tizzy (noun) a state in which you feel very worried, upset, or confused
hasty (adjective) done or made very quickly
agonize (verb) to think worry very much about something
deranged (adjective) unable to think or act in a normal or logical way especially because of severe mental illness; crazy or insane
banter (noun) talk in which people make jokes about each other in a friendly way
accusatory (adjective) accusing or blaming someone; assigning blame or fault
totalitarian (adjective) controlling the people of a country in a very strict way with complete power that cannot be opposed
guerrilla (adjective/noun) a member of a usually small group of soldiers who do not belong to a regular army and who fight in a way as an independent unit
sparse (adjective) present only in small amount; less than necessary or normal
Created by: ecperkins
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