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Vitamins for Nutr.


What does "vita" mean? Life
What does "amine" mean? Containing Nitrogen
Casimir Funk is considered the _______? Pioneer of Vitamins
How many vitamins are there? 13
How are vitamins caterogized? Water soluble and fat soluble.
Define vitamin C. Antioxidant Involved in bone (creates collegen) No Calorie Costs
Do vitamins give you energy? No.
How do you measure vitamins? grams: milli-, and macro-
Are vitamins organic? Yes.
What is bioavailablity? the rate and extent that a nutrient is absorbed and used.
What food has the most digestible protein? Egg.
What destroys Riboflavin? Light.
Can vitamins be destroyed? Yes.
What is the organic nature of vitamins? they can be destroyed by exposure to light, oxidation, or prolonged heat.
How can you minimize nutrient losses? Refrigerate, airtight, clean, save cooking water, avoid high temperatures.
What are the fat soluble vitamins? Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin E.
What are water soluble vitamins? Vitamin C, B Vitamins: Riboflavin, Niacin, Biotin, Pantothenic acid, B6, Folate, B12.
Characteristics of water soluble vitamins? Absorb quickly into the blood and travel freely, circulate freely in water filled parts of the body, Excesses excreted in to Urine, minimal storage, needs in frequent doses as deficiency can develop fast.
Characteristics of fat soluble vitamins? Many require protein carriers, stored in fat, less excreted, toxic levels possible, needed in periodic doses.
Which is more likely to reach toxic levels with supplements? (Water soluble vitamins or Fat soluble vitamins) Fat soluble vitamins.
What is Choline? Essential water soluble vitamin, involved in synthesis of acetylcholine and lecthin, found in milk, peanuts, and eggs.
Choline's RDA? M 550 mg/day F 425 mg/day
What is Inositol? Made of glucose and is part of the cell membrane structure.
What is Carnitine? Made from lysine, transports long-chain fatty acids to be oxidized.
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