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Spanish Preterite

Verbos Pretéritos

I saw vi
He saw vio
we saw vimos
I walked anduve
he walked anduvo
we walked anduvimos
I went out salí
he went out salió
we went out salimos
I came vine
he came vino
we came vinimos
I went fui
he went fue
we went fuimos
I received tuve
he received tuvo
we received tuvimos
I ate comí
he ate comió
we ate comimos
I studied estudié
he studied estudió
we studied estudiamos
I slept dormí
he slept durmió
we slept dormimos
I talked hablé
he talked habló
we talked hablamos
I said dije
he said dijo
we said dijimos
I did/made hice
he did/made hizo
we did/made hicimos
I brought traje
he brought trajo
we brought trajimos
I traveled viajé
he traveled viajó
we traveled viajamos
I gave di
he gave dio
we gave dimos
I drank/took tomé
he drank/took tomó
we drank/took tomamos
I lived viví
he lived vivió
we lived vivimos
I hoped esperé
he hoped esperó
we hoped esperamos
I was/became estuve
he was/became estuvo
we were/became estuvimos
I was (ser) fuí
he was (ser) fue
we were (ser) fuimos
I opened abrí
he opened abrió
we opened abrimos
I helped ayudé
he helped ayudó
we helped ayudamos
I looked for busqué
he looked for buscó
we looked for buscamos
I changed cambié
he changed cambió
we changed cambiamos
I started/began comencé
he started/began comenzó
we started/began comenzamos
I understood comprendí
he understood comprendió
we understood comprendimos
I met conocí
he met conoció
we met conocimos
I owed debí
he owed debió
we owed debimos
I left dejé
he left dejó
we left dejamos
I found encontré
he found encontró
we found encontramos
I understood entendí
he understood entendió
we understood entendimos
I wrote escribí
he wrote escribió
we wrote escribimos
I explained expliqué
he explained explicó
we explained explicamos
I won/earned gané
he won/earned ganó
we won/earned ganamos
I tried intenté
he tried intentó
we tried intentamos
I read leí
he read leyó
we read leímos
I arrived llegué
he arrived llegó
we arrived llegamos
I took/carried llevé
he took/carried llevó
we took/carried llevamos
I watched/looked at miré
he watched/looked at miró
we watched/looked at miramos
I needed necesité
he needed necesitó
we needed necesitamos
it happened occurió
I paid pagué
he paid pagó
we paid pagamos
I was able/managed to pude
he was able/managed to pudo
we were able/managed to pudimos
I put (past) puse
he put (past) puso
we put (past) pusimos
I asked (a question) pregunté
he asked (a question) preguntó
we asked (a question) preguntamos
I stayed (was left) quedé
he stayed (was left) quedó
we stayed (were left) quedamos
I wanted quise
he wanted quiso
we wanted quisimos
I found out supe
he found out supo
we found out supimos
I returned volví
he returned volvió
we returned volvimos
they opened abrieron
they met conocieron
they gave dieron
they said dijeron
they had fun se divirtieron
I had fun me diverté
He had fun se divirtió
they fell asleep se durmieron
they understood entendieron
they were/became estuvieron
they talked hablaron
they did/made hicieron
they went/were fueron
they read leyeron
they offered ofrecieron
they heard oyeron
they asked pidieron
they were able/managed to pudieron
they put pusieron
they prefered prefirieron
they wanted quisieron
they found out supieron
they served sirvieron
they brought trajeron
they came vinieron
they returned volvieron
they saw vieron
I asked (for) pedí
He asked (for) pidió
We asked (for) pedimos
they read leyeron
they left dejaron
I fell asleep me dormí
He fell asleep se durmió
I slept dormí
He slept durmió
We slept dormimos
I remembered me acordé
He remembered se acordó
I called llamé
He called llamó
We called llamamos
You saw viste
You did/made hiciste
You gave diste
You went/were fuiste
He repeated repitió
He died murió
I repeated repetí
I drove condují
He drove condujó
You drove condujiste
They drove condujeron
He gnawed on royó
He heard oyó
He concluded concluyó
I gnawed on roí
I heard
I concluded concluí
I fell me caí
He fell se cayó
He read leyó
I read leí
I believed creí
He believed creyó
We believed creímos
I included incluí
He included incluyó
we included incluímos
I take out saqué
He takes out sacó
We take out sacamos
We fell nos caímos
We appeared parecimos
They appeared parecieron
He appeared pareció
I appeared parecí
Created by: GabesMom
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