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unit 6 flocab

authentic genuine; real; true synonyms: actual, valid antonyms: fake, false, counterfeit
bewilder to puzzle completely; confuse . synonyms: baffle, fluster antonyms: clear up, explain
canny smart and careful; watchful of ones own interests. synonyms: shrewd, prudent antonyms: foolish
cater 1. to try to satisfy the needs of; try to make things easy and pleasant 2. to supply food and service. synonyms: 1. humor, indulge
climax the highest or most intense moment in the course of something. synonyms: top, apex, pinnacle
confront to stand up to; to face boldly. synonyms: resist, oppose antonyms: back down
debut a first public appearance. synonyms: beginning antonyms: closing, finale
fathon to figure out; to understand; to get to the bottom of. synonyms: discern antonyms: miss understand
maternal of or like a mother. synonyms: motherly, protective
narrative a story; a detailed report. synonyms: account
nurture to bring up, care for, or nourish. synonyms; raise, cultivate antonyms: ignore, neglect
orthodox in agreement with established or generally accepted beliefs or ways of doing things, especially relating to religion. synonyms: conventional, customary antonyms; unconventional, unorthodox, heterodox
prowess great skill or ability. synonyms: expertise, mastery antonyms: inability, weakness
snare to trap, catch, or get. synonyms: entrap antonyms: liberate, let go
tamper to interfere with; to mess with rashly or foolishly. synonyms: meddle, tinker
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