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Aquire Gain ownership of something; to obtain by one's own actions
Aspire To desire something eagerly, especially something important or in the future
Chorus 1. A group of people trained to sing together 2. The part of a song that's repeated after each verse
Conjure To make something happen or come into being as though magic
Defy 1. To resist efforts at 2. To refuse to obey
Firebrand A troublemaker; someone who encourages others to rebel
Gravity 1. Very serious nature or manner 2. The force by which all objects in the universe are attached to each other
Magnetic 1. Having the power to attract 2. Being able to attract iron
Mirth Joy, fun, laughter
Quench 1. To satisfy 2. To extinguish or put out
Subtle 1. Difficult to detect or define; elusive or ambiguous 2. Causing delicate effects, or able to make fine distinctions
Sullen Silent or gloomy call because of anger or resentment
Toxic Poisonous; causing harm
Urgent Needing fast actually or attention
Wary Cautious and watchful; careful of danger
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