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Word set 4

Friends and Enemy

acrimony (noun) bitter animosity Her acrimony for her neighbors manifests itself with shouting and stomping.
amiable (adj.) friendly My elderly neighbor is an amiable woman who bakes me a gingerbread cookies every year.
amicable (adj.) friendly Most customer service agents are amicable people who are good at settling disagreements.
Antipathy (noun) dislike The teenagers expressed their antipathy for the school by vandalizing the gym.
congenial (adj.) pleasant Mark is a congenial host who always makes everyone feel welcome.
disputatious (adj.) quarrelsome; taking pleasure in arguments Pablo's disputatious personality makes him makes him a great lawyer.
distaste (noun) dislike, aversion Ever since I was a child, I have always had a great distaste for bananas, as I cannot stand their texture or their taste.
empathetic (adj.); empathy (noun) compassionate Bart has a hard time forming healthy relationships because he lacks empathy for others.
estrange (verb); estrangement (noun) alienate, alienation Although Beth had been estranged from her father for years, she came to visit him when she learned he was dying.
exacting (adj.) demanding, severe requirements Because the dessert recipe was extremely exacting, Laura asked a friend to help her make the dish.
genial (adj.) friendly While I expected my new new neighbor to be rude, he was actually genial and invited me in for tea.
officious (adj.) meddlesome, interfering Because Cory is the boss's son, he thinks he can stick his officious nose into everybody's business without feat of consequences.
Parody (noun) intentional mockery When I heard the parody of the love song, I could not stop laughing.
rancor (noun); rancorous (adj.) bitter resentment I tend to be very rancorous in the morning, when people try to wake me up before it is necessary and I could have slept a little longer.
rapport (noun) pleasant relationship The Rapport I have with my therapist allows me to tell her my deepest thoughts .
recluse (noun); reclusive (adj.) hermit; person who lives a solitary life Because her mother had lived life as a recluse ever since becoming a widow, Paula had to spend a good deal of time running her mother's errands instead of living her own life.
satire (noun); satirical (adj.); satirize (verb) sarcastic imitation When the political cartoonist drew his latest satire, he did it with the intention of making fun of the country's new healthcare plan.
solicitous (adj.); solicitousness (noun) expressing care or concern, often too much The overly solicitous mother did not want her children to play at the nearby park even though it was a safe area.
unwitting (adj.) unintentional The unwitting buyer has no clue what his interest rate is or how long he will have to pay on the loan
abhor (verb); Abhorrence (noun) hatred Work at a job that you love, not one that you abhor.
Created by: WiseStranger



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