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Srta Lynch HL Diary

HL LC Diary vocab

excited emocionado
happy feliz
relaxed relajado
full of energy lleno de energía
calm tranquilo
nervous nervioso
delighted encantado
great genial
depressed deprimido
sad triste
stressed estrésado
tired cansado
angry enfadado
worried preocupado
disappointed decepcionado
I miss me hecho de menos
homeesick nostálgico
exhausted agotado
to be lucky tener suerte
to want to tener ganas de + (inf)
to be right tener razon
to be afraid tener miedo
to be tired tener sueño
to be hungry tener hambre
to be thirsty tener sed
it's amazing es fenomenal
it's ideal es ideal
it's perfect for me es perfectopara mi
the advantages are los ventajas son
the best thing is lo mejor es
it's the first time I've gone es la primera vez que he ido
it's so different es tan diferente
it's a big change es un gran cambio
I've never eaten prawns nunca he comido gambas
friendly amistoso
nice simpático
kind amable
open abierto
funny divertido
crazy loco (está)
sporty deportista
impulsive caprichoso
mean antipático
annoying fastidioso
closed cerrado
boring aburrido
bossy mandón
lazy perezoso
I'm broke No tengo pasta
It's almost impossible Es casi imposible
Over the moon loco de contento
Created by: Luvlycaroline
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