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English Vocab

vocab 2019

de down
ob against-away from
inter within/among/between
sub under
re again
bio life
auto self
ject to throw or push in
syn/sym same
domin to lead
uni one/single
mono one/single
du two
bi two
tri three
quad four
pent five
oct eight
dec ten
cent hundred
gen family/life
scrip/scrib to write
struc to build
frag/frac to break
vis/vid to see, look
spec to see, watch
man(u) hand
ped/pod foot
mitt/miss to send
chron/temp relating to time
mob/mot to move
carn/corp flesh/body
port to carry
cept to receive
cred to believe
un/im/in/il/ir not
anim life/spirit
ex out
pre before
post after
vac empty
circum around
dis away from, opposite
contr/ant(i) against
bene good
mal bad
grimace a frown
wince to cringe
tenacious determined, relentless
Exuberant excited
somber serious, sad
fallible mistakes
Belligerent angry, fight
belli war
Intricate detailed, complex
Luminous bright
lumin light
bedraggled messy, wiped
nape back of neck
expound to explain, add details
warily cautious, watchful
sojourn a temporary stay
drone low monotonous sound
agape mouth open
nostalgia remembering the past
rail complain bitterly
conniving planning something bad
indigenous native to an area
disheartened very sad
quiver to shiver
salvage save
brusque harsh
retribution punishment for a criminal act
shroud burial cloth
barrage a bombardment over a wide area
redundant repetitive or repeated
empathy understand someone's pain
gaunt lean and haggard
cower crouch in fear
pummel hit repeatedly with fist
sweltering unbearably hot
tranquil peaceful
manacle hand or ankle shackle
redemption save from bad or evil
invigorate to give strength or energy to
militant aggressive or violent
audacity boldness
reconcile make up
epiphany self-discovery
archaic outdated
frugal wise with money
ostentatious loud, calling attention to
nemesis enemy
insolent very naughty
pious holy, spiritual, good
futile useless
ominous dark, warning
auspicious good sign
frail weak
hospitable welcoming
dilemma dramatic problem
patriarchal male based
contemporary present day
charisma charm
sovereign rule by heir
talisman an object of meaning
penitent feeling remorse
impetuous immature
benign harmless
belittle put down
endearing warm, loving
fledgling new to flight
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