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Vocab #1-3 (red)

absolve (VERB) to find innocent or blameless; to clear of guilt
adamant (ADJECTIVE) stubborn; holding firm; not giving in
amiable (ADJECTIVE) friendly; pleasant; good-natured
amoral (ADJECTIVE) lacking a sense of right and wrong; unethical
animosity (NOUN) bitter hostility or hatred toward someone or something
antagonist (NOUN) an opponent or enemy
eccentric (ADJECTIVE) odd; strange; differing from what is customary
encounter (NOUN) a brief and unexpected meeting
epitome (NOUN) the perfect example or model of something
malign (VERB) to speak evil of someone or something; to make untrue statements about
curt (ADJECTIVE) abrupt; rudely brief when speaking to someone
demoralize (VERB) to lower the spirits of, weaken the confidence of, or discourage
dilemma (NOUN) a situation requiring a difficult choice
inclination (NOUN) a tendency, or preference, to think, behave, or act in a certain way
irate (ADJECTIVE) extremely angry
retort (VERB) to reply in a sharp, witty (sarcastic), or quick way
sabotage (VERB) to purposely damage or destroy
subsequent (ADJECTIVE) following in time or order; next, later
wary (ADJECTIVE) cautious; on guard
zeal (NOUN) enthusiastic devotion; intense enthusiasm; passion for something
acclaim (NOUN) great praise or applause; enthusiastic approval
adjacent (ADJECTIVE) next to, or near
elicit (VERB) to draw forth (usually, an emotion)
engross (VERB) to hold the full attention of
escalate (VERB) to intensify or increase
exploit (VERB) to use selfishly or unethically; to take unfair advantage of
methodical (ADJECTIVE) orderly; systematic
obsolete (ADJECTIVE) no longer in use; out-dated
tangible (ADJECTIVE) able to be touched
terminate (VERB) to stop; to bring to an end
NOUN a person, place, thing, or idea
ADJECTIVE a word that describes a person, place, thing, or idea
VERB an action or feeling
ADVERB a word that describes an action, feeling, adjective, or another adverb
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