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Senderos III

A Largo Plazo In the long run
Agotar to Exhaust
el Agua Potable Drinking Water
Ahorrar to Save(Not Waste)
Ajeno(a) Foreign, Anothers
la Aleta Fin
Amontonamiento Accumulation/Gathering
el Bienestar Wellbeing
el Cartel Poster
Como Tal As such
Comprometer to Put at Risk
Concienciar to Make Aware
el Consumismo Consumerism
el Daño harm
Desperdiciar to Waste
el Deterioro Deterioration/Impairment
Disfrutar to Enjoy
Divulgar to Publish/Reveal
el Embate Attack
la Energía Eólica Wind Power
Enfrentarse (con) to Face; to Come Face to Face with
la Escasez Scarcity
Estridente Screechy/Noisy
Gastar to Spend
la Herramienta Tool
Interrelacionado Interrelated
Intricadamente Intricately
la Materia Prima Natural and Mineral Resources
Ni Siquiera Not even
Paulatinamente Gradually, Little by little
Prevenir to Prevent
Publicitario(a) Related to Advertising
Redundar to Bring About, to Result in
el Reto Challenge
la Reacción en Cadena Chain Reaction
Sostenible/ Sustentable Sustainable
el Tiburón Shark
Tirar to Throw Away; Dispose of
el/la Transeúnte Transient/Passerby
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