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Unit 10


assessor's parcel number a numerical ID assigned to each parcel of land within a tax district used to prepare tax maps
base line imaginary lines running east and west and crossing a principal meridian at a definite point; used by surveyors for reference in locating and describing land under the government survey system
check a square measuring 24 miles on each side and representing the largest unit of measure in the government survey system
government survey system a type of land description, developed by the federal government for subdividing lands using surveying lines
legal description a series of boundary lines on the earth's surface
lot and block a type of legal description of land
metes-and-bounds description method of legal description that identifies a property by specifying the shape and boundary dimensions of the parcel........
monument manmade or natural object used to establish boundaries of land
point of beginning (POB) the starting(and ending) place in a land survey using the metes-and-bounds method of property description
principal meridian imaginary lines running north and south and crossing a base line at a definite point; used by surveyors for reference in locating and describing land under the government survey system
range in the government survey system of land description, a vertical strip of land six miles wide located between two consecutive submeridians
section one of the primary units of measurement in the government survey system of land description. A section is one miles square and contains 640 acres
survey procedure used to measure and describe a specific tract of real property for the purpose of determining exact boundaries and the area contained therein
tier an east-west row of townships(as used in the government survey method of land description
township a square tract of land measuring six miles on each side and including 36 sections(formed by the crossing of range and township lines)
township line the east-west survey lines located every six miles north and south of the primary base line. Also called subbaseline
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