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Academic Vocabulary

Academic Vocabulary pt.2

focus (n.) a center of interest close attention, concentration; (v.) to direct toward a particular point or purpose
illustrate (v.) to clarify, or make clear, with examples
indicate (v.) to point out; to signify
interpret (v.) explain the meaning or significance of something
investigate (v.) to observe or look at in detail; examine systematically
justify (v.) to shoe or claim to be just or right; vindicate
maintain (v.) to preserve or keep up; to declare to be true
objective (adj.) factual; not influenced by bias or emotion (n.) purpose or goal
perceive (v.) to become aware of through the senses, especially sight or hearing; to notice; to grasp an understanding
perspective (n.) particular way of looking at something; point of view
promote (v.) to help the growth of, urg the adoption of, or attempt to popularize something
qualitative (adj.) measuring the quality, or essential nature of something
reinforce (v.) to strengthen something by adding extra support
reveal (v.) to make known; to show
role (n.) the character or part played by a performer; the expected behavior of an individual in society; a function or position
prologue an introduction to a play
prolong (v) to make something last longer; to extend a period of time
prominent conspicuous in position or importance
prophetic foretelling events as if by supernatural intervention
propriety correct behavior
prosaic (adj) matter-of-fact; without spirit, style, or imagination
prosperous in fortunate circumstances financially
province the territory in an administrative district of a nation
pseudonym a fictitious name used when performing a particular role
pacify ease the anger, agitation, or strong emotion of
Created by: KMilford
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