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Lesson 41

A desc of a picture

postoje tri balona There are three ballons
jedan balon je crn One ballon is black
jedan balon je crven One ballon is red
jedan balon je plave One ballon is blue
postoje dve kugle There are two balls
postoji jedan crveni cvet There is one red flower
dečak drži tri balona The boy holds three balloons
postoji palma There is a palm tree
postoje dve zgrade There are two buildings
zgrade imaju dva sprata The buildings have two floors
gde je jabuka Where is the apple tree
na terenu je plavi ranac There is a blue backpack on the ground
jedan dečak fotografiš One boys is taking photos
jedna devojka fotografiše telefonom One girl is taking pictures with her phone
šta je ta životinja pozadi What is that animal in the back
na slici su četiri osobe There are four people in the picture
postoje dva dečaka i dve devojčice There are two boys and two girls
jedna devojka nosi ružičasti ruksa One girl is wearing a pink backpack
tamo je lep dan It is a nice day there
Trava je zelena The grass is green
crvena je torb There is a red bag
Created by: CRCONLEY
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