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4A Un 1-4 Test Rev

2nd or 4th 4A Vocab Test Review over units 1-4

banal boring; commonplace; trite
bellicose someone who likes to argue; quarrelsome; warlike
glib doesn’t care about others; smooth but insincere
pseudonym not a person’s real name; fictitious name
lampoon to make fun of; satirize
lugubrious sad; mournful
nemesis an enemy; unconquerable foe; avenger
abject really bad; miserable; wretched
hyperbole to stretch the truth; An obvious exaggeration
admonish warn; caution; urge strongly
phlegmatic quiet; indifferent; sluggish
distraught mad; upset; agitated
euphemism softer word; mild substitute expression
nebulous not clearly defined; hazy; vague
assimilate become part of; absorb; incorporate
cognizant to know something is happening; aware of or informed about something
revile to insult a person; attack with names
ennui boredom; listlessness; disinterest
farcical funny; ridiculous; exaggeratedly comical
fortuitous happening at the right time; fortunate; occurring by chance
feign to pretend; to make up
incognito nobody recognizes you; in disguise; under a false name
adroit clever; skillful in a mental or physical way
allay to make someone feel better; to lessen; to relieve
omniscient all knowing; having infinite knowledge
blazon to proclaim; to display publicly
bravado thinking you have courage when you really don’t; false bravery
choleric mean; having or showing a bad temper
despot a cruel ruler; an absolute ruler; a tyrant
expatriate one who lives outside their native country
re again; back; backwards
de separation
sub under
port carry
photo light
soci to join; companions
quartus fourth
decem/deca ten
man hand
graph/y writing; written
Created by: Mrs. Washok
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