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Food Chemistry Exam1

The Physiology and Phenomenology of Taste

The 3 Physiologys of Flavor Taste,Smell, and Touch
5 basic taste Salty, Sour, Sweet,Bitter,Umami
________ are the key drivers of our flavor experience and therefore crucial for synergy of food and drinks. As much as 80% of what we call taste is actually _________. Aromas/aroma
This allows texture and mouth feel perception and carries the touch/feel sensations form mouth to brain?(size,crunchy,temperature) Trigeminal Nerve
Smell and taste are the only senses that connect directly on the __________, the center of the brains long-term memory. Hippocampus
At this age Innate preference for sweet, aversion to bitterness, not food rules or taboos Ages 0-2
At this age Learning cultural cues, inculcating social norms, extremely conservative with food Ages 2-5
At this age Eventually become more open to new foods ( to varying degrees) Age 5+
_________ is one of the basic emotions across cultures and is a response to something revolting. Disgust
Examples of Physical responses to disgust lip curling, eyes squinting, nausea,
Disgust evolved as a response to avoid foods that may cause harm and can be triggered by_______________ body fluids, insects,death
What kinds of foods elicit disgust? slimy foods, rotting foods, taboo
Protecting body from harm(physical), Protecting soul from harm(culture) are examples of ____________ The Functions of Disgust
Two important Concepts about Disgust_______and_______ Disgust borders desire and curiosity AND Disgust can get coded as Other
What are some reasons why is it so hard to overcome food aversions? Religious factor, gross-out factor, slime factor,taboo
Examples of foods eaten now that weren't a few decades ago. Sushi, squid, yoghurt
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