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Food Chemistry Exam1

Food Safety and the Egg 2

What is the most common reason why people get sick from foodborne illness? Inappropriate food handling and poor sanitation?
The Egg products inspection Act of 1970 requires that egg processing plants be inspected and that their eggs and egg products be__________________. Wholesome, Unadulterated, and truthfully labled
The best quality eggs are graded USDA ________ Grade AA
The second best quality eggs are graded USDA_________ Grade A
The lowest grade of eggs are____________ Grade B
Characteristics of High quality Eggs are___________ yolk centered in white, small yolk diameter, yolk is high&firm
Fresh egg whites sit up ___________, while older ones tend to ___________ tall and firm/spread out
Examples of dry heat eggs are___________ Fried,scrambled,omlets
Examples of moist heat eggs____________ boiled eggs, poached eggs, custards
3 egg safety tips are _________________ Inspect before buying, refrigerate immediately at 40 F, and keep eggs in cartons
Some advantages of Food Biotechnology are______________ Extended shelf life and improved nutrient composition
Some problems of Food Biotechnology are____________ Disruption of natural ecosystems, introduction of diseases, introduction of allergens, and ethical dilemmas
Created by: jazzyg