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CGL Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Which of the following is NOT an element of negligence? Intentional Act
All of the following are true of the Medical Payments coverage of the Commercial General Liability policy EXCEPT coverage is triggered only if it is determined that the insured is legally obligated to pay
If you are the insured, which of the following is covered by your CGL? None of the aforementioned
You are a business owner with a CGL policy. You are sued by a customer for bodily injury, property damage and lost wages. If a court determines that your customer's suit is groundless, your CGL would pay for which of the following? Defense Cost
The Claims-Made policy may cover losses prior to the policy effective date. However, there may be a time before which the Claims-Made Policy will not cover a loss. What is that period of time called where losses will not be paid? Any loss prior to the retroactive date
Which of the following occurrences could create a gap in coverage for an insured with a Claims-Made Policy? Changing companies; Changing from a Claims-Made to an Occurrence form; Stopping all coverage under any Claims-Made policy
The Personal Injury and Advertising Injury coverages of the CGL could provide coverage for which of the following businesses? California Raisin Growers Association
The Supplementary Payments section of the CGL applies to which of the following coverages? Coverage A - Bodily Injury and Property Damage; Coverage B - Personal and Advertising Injury
Which of the following exposures is NOT covered by a standard CGL? Professional Liability
Assume that you rent a warehouse in which you negligently start a fire. Your CGL could pay for all of the following EXCEPT: damage to your business property
In a Claims-Made CGL form, the insured can select one of the following retroactive dates EXCEPT: any date later than the policy effective date
What must an agent be careful of when selling a new CGL policy? Creating a gap in coverage
Which of the following extended reporting periods is unlimited and must be added to the CGL within 60 days? S.E.R.P.
Which of the following statements best describes what an aggregate limit it? The amount an insurer pays in any one policy period
A liability loss arising out of which of the following is covered under the Commercial General Liability (CGL) coverage part? Premises and operations; Products and completed operations; Fire-legal liability
The Personal Injury Liability coverage in the CGL Policy would include? Libel, slander, defamation, or violation of the right of privacy
Which of the following is/are exclusions under the personal and advertising injury liability coverage? Publication of material the insured knows is false, breach of contract, publishing incorrect price descriptions
Under the CGL Policy liability coverage section, fire legal liability is subject to A per fire limit
Created by: BGeisert
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