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Vocabulary Chp 2


abuse -to use improperly -to treat cruelly or roughly -cruel or rough treatment -dreadful act
appeal -an earnest request for help or sympathy -to ask for help -to ask that a case be taken to a higher court in the judicial system
channel -the deeper pat of a river or stream -to make a groove
compliment an admiring remark said about a person or thing
distract to draw away one's attention to a different object or in many directions at once
guppy tiny fish of tropical fresh water, sometimes kept in aquariums
infantry soldiers trained organized and equipped to fight on foot
migration moving from one place to another
salvation -a saving -preservation from destruction or failure
testimony -a solemn statement used for evidence or proof -a solemn declaration
accomodate -to help out -to give something wanted or needed
charge -to put electricity into -to attack -a price -an accusation
compassion pity, sympathy
earnest -strong and intense in purpose -eager and serious
infection disease in humans and animals caused by contact with germs
inherent -involving a necessary characteristic of something --belonging by nature
molecule the smallest particle of a substance that retains the chemical identity of the substance
perilous dangerous
sanity soundness of mind or mental health
theory -an explanation based on observation and reasoning -an opinion or idea
endurance the ability to withstand hardship
envious feeling dissatisfaction because of wanting what another has
furrow -long narrow groove, as cut int he earth by a plow -to wrinkle
mingle -to bring or mix together -to associate
modesty -not thinking highly of oneself or ones abilities -being shy
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