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Food Chemistry Exam1

Atoms,Molecules,&Energy 2

What is the smallest unit of a compound? molecule
What is the smallest unit of an element? atom
How many elements have been identified? 113
How many elements occur naturally on Earth? 82
How many elements have been created by scientist? 31
Compounds can only be separated into their pure components by __________ means. chemical
What compound is ( H2O)? Water
What compound is (NH3)? Ammonia
What compound is (C6H12O6)? Glucose
What mixture can be separated by decanting(pouring) or filtration, and the composition is not uniform throughout? Heterogeneous mixture
What mixture can be separated by distillation or chromatography and composition of the mixture is the same throughout? Homogeneous mixture
What compound is ( NaCl) Sodium Chloride
What is electron hunger or an attraction between atoms or molecules that holds them together? Chemical bonding
What are the complete capturing of the electrons between each other;separated by ions? Ionic Bonds
What are strong bonds that share electrons (sugar or water) Covalent Bonds
What are strong and stable , but termed "weak" because they do not form molecules but temporary links between molecules? Weak Bonds between polar molecules(water)
Atoms and molecules can absorb or release energy in several different forms, specifically these two_________&_________ Kinetic(energy in motion) and Potential(stored energy)
In the kitchen two forms of energy_______&_______ Chemical/Bond energy & Thermal/Heat energy
Heat energy is transferred to foods via______,________&________ Conduction, convection, or radiation
What cooking material is the best conductor;very expensive; and toxic in large amounts? Copper
What cooking material is a good conductor;economical and light and lacks density to hold a lot of thermal energy? Aluminum
What cooking material does not conduct heat evenly;bright and shiny,durable? Stainless Steel
What cooking material is dense and slow conductor, although hold heat well? Iron/Cast Iron
Name the four Biomolecules? Water(cook in it, phase transitions), Fats/Lipids(butter, oils emulsifiers), Sugar/Carbs(caramelization,sweeteners), Proteins
Two methods of cooking? Moist heat (boiling , stewing, simmering) and Dry heat(roasting,grilling, pan frying)
Effects of heat? Proteins coagulate, sugars caramelize, water evaporates, fats melt.
What element is Na? Sodium
What element is Ca? Calcium
What element is K? Potassium
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