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Grade 10 Vocab 10-12

10th Grade Vocabulary Units 10-12

avert to turn away or aside
invert to turn inside out or upside down
diversify to give variety to; vary
irreversible Incapable of being reversed
diversion something that relaxes or entertains
revert to return to a former condition or belief
inadvertent accidental; unintentional
versatile capable of doing many things competently
incontrovertible indisputable
vertigo the sensation of diziness
flagrant extremely or deliberately noticeable
flaunt to show off in order to impress others
furtive done quickly and with stealth; sly
latent capable of coming into existence but not active
ostensible seeming; professed
salient standing out and attracting attention
sequester to remove or withdraw from public view
subterfuge deception by means of a strategy
surreptitious done or acting in secret
unobtrusive not readily noticeabl
didactic intended to teach or instruct
edify to instruct in order to improve
elucidate to make clear or plain
erudite possessing deep and extensive learning
explicit expressed clearly and precisely
imbue to pervade or permeate as if with a dye
indoctrinate to teach a group's beliefs to
instill to introduce gradually
pedagogy the art or profession of teaching
pedantic marked by a concern for minute details
Created by: MrsHall