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ICD Vocab: Section 2

Vocab words hydroelectric to solar cell

Incandescent Generating light through heat.
Insulator A material that does not conduct or allow current to pass.
Joule Unit of energy that has the potential to do one newton-meter of work.
Kilowatt-hour Unit of electrical energy commonly used by electrical power companies.
Lightning Large electrical discharges associated with storms.
Model A story, picture, or device used to explain observations.
Nuclear Power Power associated with nuclear reactions.
Open Circuit A circuit with a break in the conducting path between the electrical components.
Parallel Circuit A circuit with more than one closed path connecting components to the electrical power source.
Potential Energy Stored energy that can be released, which includes chemical, electrical, gravitational, and nuclear energy.
Power The rate at which energy is supplied or used.
Power Grid The network of lines and systems that connects power plants around the country.
Renewable Energy Energy generated by natural processes, such as wind and sunlight.
Schematic A diagram that represents an electrical circuit using symbols.
Series Circuit A circuit with only one closed path connecting electrical components.
Solar Cell A device that converts energy from sunlight directly into electrical.
Hydroelectric Power Electrical power generated from falling water.
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