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Prefix roots

English vocab

auto self
domin leading
mono one,single
scrip/scrib write
cent 100
bio life
mob/mot to move
gen family, life
quad four
miss/mitt to send
manu/man hands
ped/pod foot
dis away from or opposite
chron/temp relating to time
frag/frac break
circum around
Mal not good or friendly
bene very good
vac empty
oct eight
contr/ant(i) against
cred believe
cept receive
port carry
ex out
Grimace frown
Wince cringe
Tenacious go getting
Fallible makes mistakes
Belligerent confrontational
Intricate Detailed
Luminous Filled with lights
exuberant adrenaline rush
somber sad, serious
tri three
surreal characterized by amazing imagery
nape back of neck
rail complain bitterly
oxymoron two conflicts same meaning
conniving planed to something illegal
indigenous knows area
disheartened very sad
quiver shiver
salvage save
brusque abrupt
retribution Vengeance
shroud length of cloth
barrage bomb over wide area
redundant repeated
empathy share feelings
gaunt leaned
cower crouch in fear
Pummel strike repeated
sweltering very very hot
tranquil peaceful
manacle Shackle
redemption action of saving
invigorate give energy to
militant aggressive in support
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