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Stat Test 1

what is statistics? Statistics is the science of​ collecting, organizing,​ summarizing, and analyzing information to draw a conclusion and answer questions. In​ addition, statistics is about providing a measure of confidence in any conclusions
Explain the difference between a population and a sample. A population is the entire group that is being studied while a sample is a subset of the population that is being studied.
Descriptive statistics consists of organizing and summarizing information​ collected
inferential statistics uses methods that generalize results obtained from a sample to the population and measure the reliability of the results.
​A(n) statistic is a numerical summary of a sample.
​A(n) parameter is a numerical summary of a population
Determine whether the underlined value is a parameter or a statistic. Upper A study of 6 comma 076 adults in public rest rooms found that Modifying 23 % with underline did not wash their hands before exiting. The value is a statistic because the 6 076 adults in public rest rooms are a sample.
Explain what is meant when it is said that​ "data vary". How does the variability affect the results of statistical​ analysis? means that the values of the variable change from individual to individual. Because data​ vary, two different statistical analysis of the same variable can lead to different results.
What is an observational​ study? An observational study measures the value of the response variable without attempting to influence the value of either the response or explanatory variables
What is a designed​ experiment? designed experiment is when a researcher assigns individuals to a certain​ group, intentionally changing the value of an explanatory​ variable, and then recording the value of the response variable for each group
What is meant by​ confounding? effects of two or more explanatory variables are not separated.​ Therefore, any relation that may exist between an explanatory variable and the response variable may be due to some other variable or variables not accounted for in the study.
What is a lurking​ variable? A lurking variable is an explanatory variable that was not considered in a​ study, but that affects the value of the response variable in the study. In​ addition, lurking variables are typically related to explanatory variables in the study.
What is a confounding​ variable A confounding variable is an explanatory variable that was considered in a study whose effect cannot be distinguished from a second explanatory variable in the study.
What is a​ frame? A frame is a list of the individuals in the population being studied.
Which sampling method does not require a​ frame? Systematic
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