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Unit 4: Vocabulary

dict = speak

The annual Horse racing Derby is coming up. Most people expect Solo’s Shadow to come in first place. What are they making? predictions
All United States citizens are required by law to serve on a jury if asked to do so. If this happens to you, you will have to decide on what? verdict
Some people seem to have an accent. They simply differ in what compared to you? diction
Every library has a few of these to help people say words the right way and figure out what they mean. dictionaries
The usual result of this is a criminal trial to determine guilt or innocence. indictment
History tells of many of this type of person who ruled by force so that people had very little control over their own lives. dictator
If an official met with many people around him to announce why a certain law must be followed, what would he be saying? edict
A secretary records this on a notepad or computer for the boss, so that the boss will remember what he or she said exactly. dictation
It is not polite to do this to your parents. contradict
The judge read this to the courtroom. dictum
What do you _____________________ will happen if you spend tomorrow’s lunch money on a candy bar today? predict
If you lived in a country with a _____________________ as the leader, you would be told what you could and could not do dictator
The _____________________ means that the man will face a trial to decide if he committed the crime. indictment
If you want to know how to say the word indictmentproperly, then you could look in the _____________________ dictionary
The way that you speak is called your _____________________ diction
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