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AP1, T10, Regular,irregular&reflexives verbs

Me peino I brush my hair
I shower Me ducho
they shower Se duchan
Juan washes himself Juan se ducha
Maria is lucky Maria tiene suerte
You are in a hurry Tienes prisa
Fernando is sleepy Fernando tiene sueño
They are successful Tienen éxito
I'm cold Tengo frío
We are hot Tenemos calor
I'm hungry Tengo hambre
Andrea is hungry Andrea tiene hambre
to be lucky Tener suerte
We are lucky Tenemos suerte
Alberto is afraid Alberto tiene miedo
Isabel is thirsty Isabel tiene sed
Ye are right Tenéis razón
They are in a hurry Tienen prisa
My mum is in a hurry Mi madre tiene prisa
My sister is in a hurry Mi hermana tiene prisa
My brother is lucky Mi hermano tiene suerte
To go Ir
To swim Nadar
She swims Nada
They swim in the sea Nadan en el mar
Jordi practises sports on Saturday Jordi practica deporte el sábado
They eat pizza Comen pizza
Mariana eats chips Mariana come patatas fritas
I'm tired at 10 p.m. Estoy cansada a las diez de la noche
I'm going to the supermarket at 6 p.m. Voy al supermercado a las 6 de la tarde
Juana eats a sandwich of ham and cheese Juana come un bocadillo de jamón y queso
I have dinner with my family Ceno con mi familia
I have breakfast Desayuno
I have dinner Ceno
Marta has dinner at 6 Marta cena a las seis
at eleven a.m. A las once de la mañana
at 2 a.m. (early morning) A las dos de la madrugada
at 1 a.m. (early morning) A la una de la madrugada
Marta gives Marta da
We give Damos
They say Dicen
We say hello Decimos hola
Oscar says goodbye Oscar dice adiós
Pedro comes Pedro viene
I get up at eight Me levanto a las ocho
Mercedes puts on make-up Mercedes se maquilla
You relax Te relajas
Ye relax Os relajáis
I don't come No vengo
Juan does not come Juan no viene
I don't see No veo
Created by: Sr Rodrigo
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