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9th grade vocab 1

affinity innate attraction, fondness
burly husky, brawny, muscular The burly sailor tossed the mooring line to the waiting dockhand
divert deflect, turn aside (from a course or direction) The engineers must divert the river before they can begin building the dam.
elated excited, uplifted, exultant The cancer patient was elated by the news that his surgery had been successful
extemporaneous with little or no preparation, improvised, spontaneous Winston Churchill was known for his moving extemporaneous speech
infinite unending, unlimited God's power is just as infinite as His love
irate severely angry, furious The stage master dashed from the arena narrowly escaping the irate elephant
lenient tolerant, merciful, generous We have so much reason to be very lenient with each other
presumptuous forward, disrespectful, unduly bold It was presumptuous of her to as such personal questions
relapse regress, backslide, fall back During the days of the judges, Israel would often relapse into idolatry after a period of repentance



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