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English Vocabulary

Vocabulary words from the short story 'Teenage Wasteland'

Endearing Lovable, especially in a childlike or naive way
Delinquent Failing in or neglectful of a duty or obligation
Botched Spoiled through incompetence or clumsiness
Morass any confusing or troublesome situation, especially one difficult to be free from
Sober Marked by seriousness; quiet or sedate in demeanor
Pondering Weighing through the mind with thoughtfulness and care.
Bewildered Confused or puzzled by conflicting situations
Amiably friendly; sociably; good natured
Perturbed Agitated; disturbed greatly; made easy or anxious
Shambled Walked or went away awkwardly; shuffled
Rap to discuss freely or openly; chat
Evasive deliberately vague or ambiguous; to act as if avoiding
Undermine to weaken, injure or impair
Forlorn unhappy or miserable; expressive of hopelessness
Muzzy confused, muddled
Qualm an uneasy feeling about the rightness of an action
Looming seeming likely to occur at any moment; impending
Grave serious or solemn; sober
Punitive punishing; inflicting or aiming to inflict punishment
Vindictive vengeful; disposed to seek revenge; spiteful
Avid Greedy; keenly desirous; eager
Plodding walking heavily or moving laboriously; trudging
Fleet moving swiftly; rapid; nimble
Parched made extremely dry, especially by exposure to heat
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