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Vocab Set 4

English Vocab Catanzaro

Elude Verb. To escape notice, to get away from
Fallow Adjective. Inactive; Unproductive
Blight Noun. Anything that destroys, prevents growth or causes devastation.
Obsequy Noun. A funeral rite or ceremony
Denizen Noun. An occupant or inhabitant
Fealty Noun. Obligated loyalty or faith
Entice Verb. To attract by offering reward or pleasure
Gratify Verb. To please
Laggard Noun, A slow person, especially one who falls behind
Gambit Noun. A maneuver or action used to gain an advantage
Ingrate Noun. A person who offers no thanks
Status quo Noun. The existing situation or state of affairs
Jeopardize Verb. To put in danger
Waylay Verb. To interrupt or attack unexpectedly
Abscond Verb. To leave secretly and quickly especially to avoid punishment
Jaded Adjective. Worn out, dulled, as from overindulgence
Gist Noun. The main point
Advocate Verb. to recommend, to speak in favor of
Efface Verb. To obliterate, to wipe out.
Charisma Noun. Personal appeal or attraction
Created by: Lizzy0511