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Wordlist 6.0

Bilk (v) swindle,cheat The con man specialized in 'bilking' the insurance companies.
Pulchritudinous (adj) of or possessing excessive beauty.(n)pulchritude Her 'pulchritude' was unearthly. My sister is pulchritudinous.
Barefaced (adj) shameless,bold,unconcealed Shocked by Ned's 'barefaced' lies his mother grounded him.
baroque (adj) highly ornate Accustomed to severe,angular lines of modern skyscrapers,they found the flamboyance of 'baroque' architecture amusing.
Befuddle (v) confuse thoroughly His attempts to clarify the situation succeeded only in 'befuddling' her further.
Beget (v) father;produce give rise to. One good turn may deserve another ;it does not necessarily 'beget' another.
Begrudge (v) resent I 'begrudge' every minute I have to spend attending meetings.
Beguile (v) mislead or delude;cheat;pass time With flattery and big talk of easy money the con men 'beguiled' Kyle into betting allowance on the shell game. The men quickly 'beguiled' poor kyle of his money. Broke he 'beguiled' himself during the long hours by playing solitaire.
Barrage (n) barrier laid down by artillery fire;overwhelming profusion The company was forced to retreat through the 'barrage' of heavy cannons. [barrage of words;barrage of questions]The reporter threw a 'barrage' of questions at the corrupt politician.
Behemoth (n) huge creature;something of monstrous size or power Sportscasters nicknamed the linebacker "The Behemoth".
Barterer (n)trader The 'barterer' exchanged trinkets for the native furs.
Beholden (adj) obligated;indebted Since I do not wish it be 'beholden' to anyone,I cannot accept this favor.
Behoove (v)be necessary or proper for;be incumbent upon In this time of crisis it 'behooves' all of us to remain calm and await the instructions of our superiors.
Bastion (n)stronghold;something seen as a source of protection The villagers fortified the town hall,hoping this improvised 'bastion' could protect them from the guerrilla raids.
Belabor (v) explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree; assail verbally The debate coach warned her student not to bore the audience by 'belaboring' his point.
Bauble (n) trinket,trifle [ a small inexpensive ornament or item of jewelery ] The child was delighted with the 'bauble' she had won in the grab bag.
Bawdy (adj) indecent ; obscene Jack took offense at Jill's 'bawdy' remarks.
Beatific (adj) showing or producing joy ; blissful When Johnny first saw the new puppy a 'beatific' smile spread across his face.
Beleaguer (v) besiege or attack ; harass The babysitter was surrounded by a bunch of unmanageable brats who relentlessly beleaguered her.
bate (v) let down;restrain Until it was time to open the presents the children had to 'bate' their curiosity.
beatify (v) bless or sanctify ; proclaim someone dead to be one of the blessed In 1996 Pope John Paul II traveled to Belgium to 'beatify' Joseph De Veuster, better known as Father Damien ,who died in 1889 after caring for lepers in Hawaii.A cosmetologist 'beatifies' someone living ; the pope beatifies someone dead.
bellicose (adj) warlike ; pugnacious ; naturally inclined to fight. Someone who is spoiling for a fight is by definition 'bellicose'.
beatitude (n) blessedness ; state of bliss Growing closer to god by each day, the mystic achieved a state of indescribable 'beatitude'.
bemoan (v) lament ; express disapproval of The widow 'bemoaned' the death of her beloved husband. Although the critics 'bemoaned' the serious flaws of the author's novels, each year his latest books topped the best-seller list.
belligerent (adj) quarrelsome (n) belligerence Whenever he had too much to drink, he became 'belligerent' and tried to pick a fight with strangers.
bedizen (v) dress with vulgar finery The witch doctors were 'bedizened' in their gaudiest costumes.
bemused (adj) confused ; lost in thought Jill studied the garbled instructions with a 'bemused' look on her face.
bedraggle (v) wet thoroughly (adj) bedraggled We were so 'bedraggled' by the severe storm that we had to change into dry clothing.
benediction (n) blessing The appearance of the sun after may rainy days was like a 'benediction'.
beeline (n) direct ; quick route As soon as the movie was over , Jim made a beeline for the exit.
benefactor (n) gift giver ; patron Scrooge later became tiny Tim's 'benefactor' and gave him gifts.
betoken (v) signify ; indicate The well equipped docks, tall piles of cargo containers, and numerous vessels being loaded all 'betoken' Oakland's importance as a port.
benevolent (adj) generous ; charitable (n) benevolence Mr.Fezziwig was a 'benevolent' employer who wished to make Christmas merrier for young Scrooge and his other employees.
benign (adj) kindly ; favorable ; not malignant (n) benignity Though her 'benign' smile and gentle bearing made Miss Marple seem a sweet old lady , in reality she was a tough minded , shrewd observer of human nature.
bevy (n) large group The movie actor was surrounded by a 'bevy' of starlets.
Bard (n) Poet(a good poet) The ancient 'bard' Homer sang of the fall of Troy.
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