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Personal Auto Ins

Personal Auto Insurance

Which of the following would be considered a "Named Insured" under a Personal Auto policy? The person listed on the Declarations; That person's spouse if living at the same address
The liability coverage of a Personal Auto policy can apply to which of the following? You or your family members using your auto; You or your family members using someone else's auto; Any person using your auto with reasonable belief that he had permission to do so
You have auto liability limits of 25/50/10 and cause bodily injury to three people in the amount of $30,000, $15,000 and $9,000. Further, you damage a fourth person's property in the amount of $9,000. Which of the following amounts would your company pay? $58,000
If you have auto liability limits of 100/300/100, you would have to buy a single limit policy of which of the following amounts to have equivalent coverage? $400,000
Assume that Ralph is driving Ed's car and causes an accident. If each has a Personal Auto policy, how would the claim be paid? Ed's policy would be primary; Ralph's policy would be excess
Which of the following is true concerning the Medical Payments coverage of a Personal Auto policy? It provides medical expense coverage for you and those in your car; It pays regardless of fault; It can cover medical expenses incurred within three years of an accident
You live in a state in which the minimum limits of liability are 25/50/10. Assume a negligent driver hits you as you walk across a parking lot. If you suffer $150,000 bodily injury loss, which of the following would be considered underinsured motorist? A driver with limits of 25/50/10
Damage to your personal auto is known as which of the following? Physical Damage
Which of the following is not considered a collision? Your car smashes into a deet
Vehicles are usually driven in more than one state, and the PAP provides for such situations. Which provision addresses this issue? Out of State Coverage Provision
The reason most of us DO NOT own a Personal Liability Policy is that most of our personal liability exposures are covered by which of the following policies? Homeowners; Automobiles
You are injured while driving your own car Part B - Medical Payments
You hit a pedestrian who loses $3,500 in wages while recovering Part A - Liability
You hit a fire hydrant belonging to the city and damage it Part A - Liability
You are injured when hit by a vehicle driven by an individual with no insurance Part C - Uninsured Motorists
Your car is stolen and subsequently destroyed in an accident Part D - Physical Damage
Your brother-in-law injures himself when he sits on the hood ornament of your car Part B - Medical Payments
You are injured by a driver who has adequate insurance through a bankrupt company Part C - Uninsured Motorists
An insured has a Personal Automobile Policy (PAP) providing bodily injury and property damage liability. He runs through the rear wall of a garage in the dwelling he rents. Coverage would be afforded for: Damage to the wall
Under a Personal Automobile Policy, which of the following persons is not an insured? A visitor who takes and uses the car without permission of the named insured
Under Kentucky No-Fault automobile laws, persons injured in traffic accidents who are entitled to basis no-fault benefits could receive $1,000 for funeral burial expenses; $200 per week for loss of income; Medical and rehabilitation expenses
Mr. Jones has a PAP including Kentucky No-Fault coverages. He is injured while riding as a passenger in his friend's uninsured automobile. Which of the following would be correct? He could collect under the personal injury protection (PIP) coverage of his Personal Automobile Policy.
Mr. Jones borrows Mr. Smith's car for a personal errand. Mr. Jones is involved in an accident. Each has a personal automobile policy on his respective vehicle. Which of the following statements is correct? Smith's insurance would be primary
Mr Jones borrows a private passenger automobile w/ no physical damage insurance. He is involved in an accident where the borrowed vehicle is extensively damaged. Mr Jones PAP would pay for the damage to the borrowed vehicle under which of his coverages? His collision coverage, subject to Mr. Jones' deductible.
The Personal Automobile Policy would provide coverage under the liability section in what situations The named insured borrows a motor home for a vacation; A non-resident is operating the owned automobile with permission of the named insured; The named insured borrows a truck to move his furniture
Under Kentucky's Basic Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, which of the following types of loss will not be paid when resulting for an automobile accident? Damage to property
Mr. Jones rear-ends Mr. Smith in his automobile. If Smith's insurance company pays Smith's collision damage caused by Jones: Smith's insurance company can collect from Jones based upon the Principal of Subrogation
Created by: BGeisert
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