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Vocabulary Chapter 1


guarantee 1. promise to fulfill a condition 2. something that makes certain
temptation 1.something one wants but pershaps shouldn't have 2. something one strongly wishes to have
respectful Showing high regard or esteem
pneumonia Serious lung disease that can cause lung inflammation, high fever and difficult breathing
annoy To irritate or disturb
combat 1. A fight with weapons 2. any fight or struggle
complicate To make difficult To confuse
furnish 1. to supply or provide 2. to provide furniture for a room house or office
inexpensive Cheap low priced
mercy 1. Showing more kindness than justice requires 2. Lenient, compassionate treatment 3. Something to be thankful for
pod a case, shelf or container in which plants form their seeds
routine Regular course of procedure ordinary
solace to console relief of sadness
terrain 1. a piece of land 2. geographical area
administer 1. to give out 2. to mange the use of
camouflage 1. a disguise of paint nets or foliage that makes something look like its surroundings 2. to give a false appearance
centennial pertaining to a 100th anniversary
combustible capable of catching fire and burning easily
dismal 1. disaster, dreadful 2. gloomy
abandon 1. to give up control of someone or something 2 to leave without intending to come back
ambition 1. a desire to achieve a goal 2. a longing for position of power
century a period of 100 years
debris scattered fragments ruins garbage
mentality 1. power of the mind 2. way of thinking
ineffective 1. not producing the intended effect 2. incapable
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