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Unit 3 history vocab

Buffer A protected area along the frontier to defend more settled areas
Charter Legal document that grants rights or privileges
Corporate colony Colony established through a grant of land, made by the king to a corporation or company
Far East Area of Asia that includes India, China, Japan, and southeastern asia
Friar Catholic missionaries particularly from Spain , who worked in church missions and outposts in foreign lands
Garrison A unit of soldiers
Guale The name Spain gave to the northern half of GA’s coast
Huguenots Persecutes French Protestants who fled to North America in the 16th-17th centuries
Indies Another name for Far East used by Europeans in 1400s
Joint stock company Business given an exclusive charter by the king to settle a new colony in America
Line of Demarcation Line drawn by Pope Alexander in 1493 to divide rights to the new world between Spain and portugal
Mercantilism A trade policy based on the idea that a country should sell more to other countries than it buys from them
Mocama The Spanish province in the 16th and 17th centuries, on the southern half of GA’s coast between the altamaha and st marys rivers
Proprietary colony Established when the king issued a charter granting ownership of a colony to a person or group
Puritans Members of a Protestant religious group who were opposed to the church of England’s practices
Royal colony A colony set up and run directly by the British government in the 1600s and 1700s
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