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Dwelling Ins

Dwelling Insurance

Suppose you own a duplex as an investment that you rent to two separate families. Which of the following policy types would your duplex be eligible for? Dwelling
A Broad Form Dwelling Policy, with E.C. endorsement, would include coverages for which of the following causes of loss? Windstorm; Removal
Which of the following items is covered under a Dwelling Form Coverage C? Rowboats and Canoes
Under the Dwelling Policy Program, which of the following would be classified as part of the "dwelling"? Building materials used to repair the dwelling; Equipment used to maintain the dwelling
Which of the following DP Forms would be called the Broad Form? DP-2
Which of the following DP Forms would give you All Risk coverage on the contents? DP-3
Which of the following DP Forms would give you All Risk coverage on the dwelling? DP-3
In which of the following DP forms is there no coverage on the dwelling? DP-4
Which of the following is the coinsurance formula? Insurance Carried / Insurance Required X Loss = Amount Insurance Company Pays
Maxwell owns a Broad Named Perils policy that covers his house for losses caused by falling objects. It is insured for $40,000 and there is a flat $500 deductible. If the house suffers a $30,000 loss as a result of a falling meteor, Maxwell should collect $29,500
An insured buys a house for $52,000. It is estimated that if the house were totally destroyed, it would cost approximately $47,000 to rebuild because of the condition and age, the depreciated value is $39,000. The replacement cost of the house is $47,000
When determining the amount required to be coinsured, the second part of the formula in arriving at the claim payment of a dwelling policy is: Amount carried divided by amount required X Loss = Claim, payment
To protect his television set from further damage, the insured, who is covered by a Standard Fire Policy, has removed it from his burning building. Which of the following is applicable? He would be compensated on the actual cash value of his 2-year-old television set.
Bill Jones has insured his house under a Dwelling-Building and Contents Broad Form for $24,000. A windstorm causes $4,000 damage to the building. Replacement cost of the dwelling is $30,000. The insurer will pay? $4,000
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