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Vocab Squares

English II Honors Vocabulary

Acquittal a judgement that a person is not guilty of the crime that they have been charged with
Assert to state a fact or belief with confidence and force
Condescend to show feelings of superiority
Contemptous showing contempt or scorn
Elite a group that has superior abilities or qualities in terms of the rest of a group or society
Evolve to gradually develop from a simple to a complex form
Fortitude courage through pain or adversity
Inarticulate being unable to speak distinctly or clearly
Mentor a trusted and experienced guide
Notoriety the state of being famous or known for a bad or good deed
Analogy a comparison between two things for an explanation or clarification
Antiquity great age
Electorate the people in a country or area who are entitled to vote in an election
Ethical moral principles
Excerpt a short extract from a piece of music, writing, film, or broadcast
Heresy a belief or opinion contrary to a religious doctrine
Pauper a very poor person
Paternal a father
Posthumous awarded or occuring after the death of the creator
Prophetic describing or predicting what will happen in the future accurately
Anthropology the study of human cultures and societies and their development
Amiable displaying a friendly and pleasant manner
Bayou a marshy outlet of a lake or river
Grimace an ugly expression on a person's face expressing pain, disgust, or wry
Indomitable impossible to defeat or subdue
Malleable able to be hammered or pressed permanently into a shape without breaking or cracking
Melodramatic characteristic of melodrama, exaggerated, sensationlized, or over emotional
Succumb failure to resist pressure or temptation
Visage a reference to a person's facial features
Whimsical playfully unusual in an amusing or appealing way
Apprehensive anxious or fearful that something bad or unpleasant will happen
Commendable deserving praise
Judicious having, showing, or done with good judgement or sense
Ineffectual not producing any or desired effect
Mystic an unknown or mysterious characteristic/a person who believes in a divine power
Indignant feeling or showing anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment
Verbatim in exactly the same words as were used originally
Callous/callus showing an insensitive and cruel disregard for others/hardened skin
Paraphrase to reword the meaning of someone's words for clarity
Personification the attribution of human characteristics to something nonhuman
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