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vocublary ch.1

transcript A document showing the course take, grade is each One overall GPA.
syllabus Syllabus shows you the expectations in a class that is expected in the class
DSS DDS is to help students that need extra help.
certificate Certificate is a degree pretty much like a associates, or an bachelors that shows u have completed a class
default when you owe money to someone and must pay it back. And can also affect your credit and you do not pay it back when you must
pre-requisite Must successfully complete before your allowed to take the class you want
GPA GPA is a way that shows how far you have come an what still needs work.
degree evaluation Degree evaluation is to be approved for your degree
fasfa Help with money to get you materials for classes and to schedule your classes
transferred Transfer is so your credits can be transferred if you decided to get a bachelors degree
major The focus area of study esp. in preparations for a career
disqualified Not approved for fafsa an or classes
text The book require for a course
academic adviser One who counsels students an helps them succeeded in classes
developmental Classes to help you get further in classes if your mind is bwhind than others
commencement to decided if you get your degree or not but getting all credits
financial aid Where you can still receive as long as everything is turned in on times
accommodation Where the school helps people with special needs to successed
associate’s degree Additional programs that prepare you for a two year associates degree
application To apply for for financial aid monies you must complete an application
Created by: csnider1103