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WTG Lesson 3

Abhor V. to hate; to shrink from with disgust Syn-hate
Acute Adj 1. sharp and severe 2. keen or sensitive 3. very serious Syn-sharp
Bicker V. to argue over an unimportant matter Syn-argue
Etiquette N. the manners and behavior considered to be acceptable Syn-manners
Foolhardy Adj. foolishly daring SYN-daring
Genial Adj. pleasantly cheerful and kindly Syn-friendly
Imply V to suggest or express without directly saying Syn-hint
initiative N 1. the ability to see what needs to be done and take a leading role in getting it done 2. a first step or movement; an act that begins something Syn-energy, leadership
Menace N a serious threat Syn -threaten V to threaten
Persevere V to keep at something even though it is difficult Syn-persist
Ponder V to consider carefully; to think deeply about, often over a period of time Syn-reflect
Quaint Adj strange, odd, or old-fashioned in a pleasing way Syn-fanciful
Remorse N deep regret and a feeling of guilt over one's wrongdoing Syn-regret
Vague Adj 1. not clear or definite 2. fuzzy or blurred Syn-unclear
Vital Adj. very important; absolutely necessary Syn-crucial
Created by: 6gradeCLJMS



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