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La salud los verbos

Ser sano to be healthy
Estar sano to be healthy
No estar sano not to be healthy
Mantenerse en forma to be fit
comer bien to eat well
engordar to gain weight
Estar/ser obeso/a to be obese
estar a dieta to be on a diet
perder peso/ adelgazar to lose weight
beber to dirnk
estar en forma to be fit
entrenarse to train
correr to run
comer verduras ricas en fibra to eat vegetable high in fibre
pesar demasiado to weigh too much
estar obsesionado por adelgazar to be obsessed with weight loss
llevar una vida sana to have a healthy life
llevar una vida sedentaria to have a sedentary life
disminuir el consumo de grasas to reduce the consumption of fats
picar entre comidas to pick between meals
llevar/comer una dieta equilibrada to have a balanced diet
cuidarse la línea to watch your weight
practicar/hacer el deporte to do sports
entrenarse to train
hacer ejercicio to do exercises
fumar to smoke
Sentirse bien to feel good
sentirse mal to feel bad
hacer una dieta to be on a diet
tomar drogas to take drugs
legalizar to legalise
emborracharse to get drunk
estar borracho to be drunk
ser adicto to be an addict
ser anoréxico to be anorexic
ser bulímico/a to be bulimic
estar enfermo/a to be sick
saltarse to skip
consumir to consume
contener to have
hacer footing to go jogging
perjudicar to harm
dañar to damage
Created by: SrtaWilmot
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